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Doug - photos courtesy of Amy Braun

Our first drummer, Brian Massimo, introduced us to one of his friends, also a drummer, who, incidentally, had mastered Neal Peart's licks and even owned an identical kit to Neal's. Well, it didn't take long for us to open it up for auditions. Doug Day became our front line percussionist. Brian was a good friend, and it was a very difficult decision for us to replace him with Doug, but we had to serve the band. Our premier guitarist, Brad Foutch, was later replaced by Alan Radovanovich, who brought along with him, a bass player, Bob Gauss, who brought with him, Moog Taurus bass pedals! We were indeed, a happy band at that point.
Drums, Guitar and Bass Influences: Rush, Aerosmith, Steve Morse, Boston, and Pat Travers.

Studio / Live Equipment List: Sennheiser HD414 open air headphones, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG. Nueman mics, Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals, Crate monitors, Galien-Kreuger & Crown power amps.
Guitars: Les Paul Custom, Fender Stratocaster, Kramer Fretless bass, Rickenbacher 6 string bass, Yamaha 12 & 6 string acoustic guitars, Boss floor pedal effects, CryBaby wah-wah pedal, Eventide Clockworks digital delay, Yamaha, Barcus-Berry, Korg digital reverb. Moog Taurus II bass pedals.

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