Mistral - Fortunes of War

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Mistral - The Music

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Mistral - Fortunes of War website. 
SITE UPDATED: 07-15-09

This website is dedicated to the "Lost Classic" progressive rock music ensemble recording known as Mistral - Fortunes of War. Mistral was founded by Eric Maurstad and Kent Cantwell in their home town, Waukegan, Illinois (USA) in 1980.

Click the New CD for Track Listing and Credits

The CD is available now! 

Go to Synphonic Music , click on  http://www.synphonic.8m.com/ordering.htm  Send an email requesting our CD and Synphonic will send you an invoice. You can pay with credit cards, Paypal, or by personal check.
The new CD includes the original 10 tracks, 2 bonus tracks,  new photos of the original band, performing band,  and some new sleeve art by Digital Art by Kent Cantwell.
Eric and Kent grew up together in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, and unknown to each other initially, even shared the same college for their freshman year. In 1980, Eric invited Kent to assist in the design of a recording studio. After the studio was built, they stocked it with an Otari 8-Track analogue simul-sync recorder, a console and a rack full of effects. The next thing you know, they were writing songs. Eric composed the lyrics, main themes and melodies and Kent did the orchestrations and accompanying music. Within a year they had 10 or 11 songs, enough material for the legacy album, Fortunes of War.

The new supertitle, Cirque de l'Histoire translates: the circus of history.  This is a variation on a 19th century philosophical theme, "the terror of history" ( or, the historical fear of history repeating itself).  HIstory has, indeed, repeated itself... in Afganistan, Irag, in the near future, probably Africa and South America.  Newly discovered "fortunes of war" will surface again and again as humanity continues to push the envelope on PROGRESS.  Half of humanity wants to believe that, if left alone, they will survive. The other half believes that if they don't get on the World Economy Bandwagon, voluntarily or by force, these unique and underdeveloped cultures will become extinct.
War plays an important role in human history.  Always has, always will. It can be seen as a tool... a lever to wake people up and get them to realize that a revolution is the only way to break free of the chains of opression. These ideas are contained in the deeper meanings of the themes that run throughout Mistral's music and lyrics. Listen again to Deja Vu, World at Hand, Better Life, The Lottery, but this time, with 21st century eyes and ears.
Mistral.    Music that is relevant.    Forever.

Track Sample: "Out" (mp3)

Track Sample - "Tonight" (mp3)

Track Sample - "It's Just a Dream?"

Track Sample - "The Lottery" (mp3)

Track Sample: "A Better Life" (mp3)

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