Mistral - Fortunes of War


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1-20-09 UPDATE
The remix is not happening.  Unfortunately, during the tedious process of reviving the old master tapes, we lost all the original tracks. 
We are releasing the CD using the digitally enhanced Cassette as our new master tape.  The second Mistral project was to be called, "Outer Spaces"; and after that, "Mixtures of Madness".
Please stay tuned and keep the Prog Faith.
NEW "Fortunes of War" CD in stock now at Synphonic Music, 2009

2009 Cover
2009 Cover

Fortunes of War - Released 1982, 500 copies

Cirque du Mistral - Fortunes of War CD2 2006; never released

Fortunes of War 2 Digitally Remastered CD1; never released

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Mixtures of Madness - 2007/08 Art by Bernard Dumaine; never released

Mistral Studio B - Digital

Mistral Studio B - Instruments

Thank you STEVE at 2KOOL4SKOOL for the really great affordable guitars.