Mistral - Fortunes of War

Mistral - The Storm

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Iron Rail - 1984

Eric came up with the band name, "Mistral", because of his fascination with the Mistral in the South of France, a torrential storm everyone, even to this day, runs and shelters themselves from. Its annual arrival is predictable and over the years, many of the buildings were designed to stand against the storm. By analogy, we expected our music to take the world by storm. Our intentions with the style and power of the band were to be original and as progressive as the genre would allow, without being overly pretentious.

Influences: Jethro Tull, Genesis, UK, ELP, Yes, Rush. As a classically trained keyboard player and percussionist, I was influenced heavily by all these guys. Polyrhythms and lush orchestrations were my life! Eric was most influenced by Ian Anderson and Genesis. We needed studio musicians to play bass, drums and guitars. Enter, Brad Foutch, a Fripp-Eno kind of guitarist. He also played acoustic guitars on the title track of what was soon to be the first album, Fortunes of War.

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