Mistral - Fortunes of War

Mistral - Fortunes of War CD Information

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Mistral - Fortunes of War CDR

Track Listing
1. Notre Descente
2. Fortunes of War
3. A Better Life
4. Tonight
5. Out
6. Given Time
7. Billet-Doux
8. The Lottery
9. It's Just a Dream...?
10. World at Hand
11. It's Just a Dream (alternate mix)
12. Deja Vu

Mistral Personnel
Eric Maurstad - Lead voice, Flute & Percussion
Kent Cantwell - Keyboards, Bass Guitar & Percussion (random tinkling on Notre Descent in particular)
Doug Day - Percussion
Bob Goss - Bass Guitars & Moog Taurus II Bass Pedals
Alan Radovanovich - Guitars

Additional Personnel
Karen Kunesh - Voice on "It's Just a Dream" and "Billet Doux"
Bradley Foutch - Acoustic Guitar on "Fortunes" and "Out"
Brian Massimo - Tympani, Bells, Hand Claps
Donald Day - Hand Claps & Electricity
Digital Art By Kent - Mistral Webmaster

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Addtional Credits
Recorded and mixed @ Mistral Studio One, Waukegan, IL.
Produced by RPM Bearings & Drives, Inc., Don Day, Dave & Carol Cantwell, Ed & Karen Kunesh
Engineered by Eric Maurstad
Assistant Engineer: Amy Braun
Music by Eric Maurstad & Kent Cantwell except for
"Deja Vu" by Alan Radovanovich & Kent Cantwell
Arrangements by Mistral
Photography, Press and Spiritual Support: Amy Braun
Cassette Cover Art by Sue Radovanovich
Special Thanks to Gordan & Zarouhe Maurstad, Don & Diana Day, Daryl Day, Ed & Karen Kunesh, John Eifert, Rusty Curry, Bernard Steiner, Les & Ruth Gilkey, Brian Engle, Sergio Castro, and to all who encouraged and supported this project.

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